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Light up the Park

Detroit Lakes City Park has been lit with holiday lights in the trees, gazebo, and café lights. Driving forces behind the park’s evening illumination are Malstrom Electric, Inc., Miller Yard Care & Construction, and Project 412.


Mashaal the Mammoth

Meet Mashaal the Wooly Mammoth at the Detroit Mountain Recreational Area! At 20 feet tall, 30 feet long, and about 8 feet wide: Mashaal the Mammoth is an interactive public art structure created by artists from the Twin Cities-based Leonic Collective.  And yes, Mashaal is a "she"!  You can climb into the belly of the beast by a staircase in one hollowed-out leg and both her body and tusks light up to make her visible at night.


Electrical Utility Box Wraps

Six utility boxes around Detroit Lakes will be vinyl wrapped with original artwork!  Another way we are helping to infuse DL with color!  This project is coming together with the help of DL Public Utilities, Detroit Lakes Arts & Culture Commission, Historic Holmes Center and Project 412.

electric boxes.jpg

Trucks & Tunes

Friday nights in the City Park got a lot more fun!   Free concerts with a variety of food and beverage trucks to treat your family or a date!


Detroit Lakes, Minnesota is the lakes area hub for live music.  We've created a website to see it all in one place along with venue and band information!


music in dl sample.png

Way North of Nashville

When Nashville comes to DL! Three Nashville-based singer songwriters are bringing their music and stories to Detroit Lakes! Brett Tyler, originally from the Twin Cities area, loves Minnesota and has spent years regaling his songwriter friends with stories of snowmobiling, ice fishing, driving on lakes in the winter, and other winter activities that are normal for us.  Partnering with Project 412, Brett and two friends, will experience a real Minnesota winter and then put on a public performance.



Zara & Zug Zug

Artists Zach Schumack and Ian Molloy-Busse of Leonic Collective are the artists who created Zug Zug and Zara, two mannequin cave people ensconced in plexiglass. Originally Zug Zug was commissioned for an ad agency, but during Covid, Leonic Collective worked with the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board to hide Zug Zug in Theodore Wirth Park. Recently, Zug Zug and his companion Zara got to spend their winter in Detroit Lakes.


Start up Series

Helping to create an environment that supports our current businesses and encourages entrepreneurs to start-up businesses that will make Detroit Lakes even more unique and memorable.  Come out and join the conversation!



Summer of 2023 will be bringing in a ton of color!  Different walls have been selected in Detroit Lakes to receive original artwork!  The artists are hard at work filling Detroit Lakes with vibrant colors!

DH mural section.jpg

Art Surprises

Detroit Lakes native Hannah Spry will be painting and creating fun little artistic surprises around town.  Stay tuned to start your scavenger hunt to find them all!

art surprise sample.jpg

Cool Kites

The 'Cool Kites on the Lake' event brings a plethora of giant kites one can see floating over Little Detroit Lake. The event is a perfect start to Polar Fest, Detroit Lakes' unique way of embracing the winter season!  This a great family activity that combines getting out in nature with art.  Everyone is encouraged to come out on the lake to watch or even fly their own kite!


cool kites 2 cropped.jpg

Best Chocolate Chip Cookie Contest

Project 412 is sponsored a new event at the Becker County Fair on July 27 — "The Best Chocolate Chip Cookie Contest." Cash prizes and ribbons were awarded to the top three recipes submitted.

We had a panel of local celebrity judges and 53 cookies to taste!  

cookie judges_edited.jpg
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