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Zara & Zug Zug

Detroit Lakes, MN (December 29, 2022) – Sculptures hidden in the Detroit Lakes City Park inspire wonder this winter for visitors and local residents. Two cave people in “ice” and lighted trees will enhance the beautiful Detroit Lake City Park near the Pavilion.

Artists Zach Schumack and Ian Molloy-Busse of Leonic Collective are the artists who created Zug Zug and Zara, two mannequin cave people ensconced in plexiglass. Originally Zug Zug was commissioned for an ad agency, but during Covid, Leonic Collective worked with the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board to hide Zug Zug in Theodore Wirth Park. Now Zug Zug and his companion Zara are spending their winter in Detroit Lakes.

The public is invited to look for the cave people. Schumack said his favorite part is when kids find discover the creatures. "I was talking to a little kid, and he realized that it wasn't an actual real caveman," Schumack said. "He was like, 'wait what? it's not real?' and you could see the look of a blown mind. I think that's what art is supposed to do. It's supposed to make you wonder, guess and talk about it."

Also, the City Park has been lit with holiday lights in the trees, gazebo, and café lights. Driving forces behind the park’s evening illumination are Malstrom Electric, Inc., Miller Yard Care & Construction, and Project 412, a new nonprofit, community connecting organization in Detroit Lakes.

Miller Yard Care and Construction has hung 21,750 feet of wire and 7,300 bulbs to light the gazebo roof lines and about 15 trees located between the gazebo and Washington Avenue. “That’s over 4 miles of wire, and we’re excited to be part of the project,” says Josh Miller of Miller Yard Care & Construction.

Garrett Malstrom of Malstrom Electric, Inc. says that “helping to add a bit of winter magic to the City Park is a fun way to give back to the community.” The Detroit Lakes-based electrical contractor has donated their time to this effort during Ice Palace displays for the past 5 years.

The connector for the cave people and the lighting project is Project 412. “By connecting people, ideas, and resources, we can become a better, stronger, and more vibrant year-round community,” says Amy Stearns, Executive Director for Project 412.

The Detroit Lakes City Park is located at 1361 Washington Avenue, near the lake. The cave people and lights will remain up and lit through Polar Fest 2023 which ends February 26. Follow along with this and future Project 412 events at or Project 412 MN on Facebook and Instagram.

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