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With a generous grant from the Blandin Foundation and additional financial support from local donors, Project 412 is excited to announce Create DL, a partnership with the Historic Holmes Theatre that will spread public art across Detroit Lakes.


Create DL will add at least ten new murals to areas of interest throughout the community and an additional 20 easter-egg-style art surprises that will sneak small art projects into places of discovery. Check back here for updates and applications!

Brick Wall.png


To start, we are looking for community input on mural locations. Submit your ideas by March 19, 2023! Click the button below to add your location suggestions!


With additional funding, we will add more projects to the Create DL initiative. In total, we hope to spread public art to all corners of our community.

Thriving communities across the country are making new investments in public art to grow their creative energy and attract more visitors to the community. Create DL will not only beautify the community, it will also add “Instagrammable” locations in areas of interest. As a region that depends on tourism, this investment will draw social media attention to Detroit Lakes, generating more “likes” and shared content from influencers visiting the area.


Public art investments increase creative energy in communities. Visitors exploring public art spend more money at local shops and restaurants. The added vibrancy also adds excitement that gets more residents thinking about their own businesses and creative projects. By spreading art across the city, Create DL will encourage residents and visitors to explore more pockets of our community, which will support economic development in more places.

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