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Our Mission

To connect and elevate the cultural and economic vibrancy of the lakes area.

The Team

Focus Areas

Detroit Lakes hasn’t reached its full potential. By connecting people, ideas, and resources, we will become a better, stronger, and more vibrant year-round community. Investments in our two focus areas will help Detroit Lakes become the best place to visit, live, work, start a business, and raise a family.

Creating Places &
Events that Inspire

The most vibrant communities create a sense of place that inspires and is welcoming and memorable. Detroit Lakes is competing with communities around the country and world to attract visitors, workers, and residents. Creating a place that people want to be is critical, and we have the opportunity to invest in Detroit Lakes as a place by investing in public art, recreation, and events and experiences. 

Nurturing New
& Existing Businesses

Detroit Lakes is home to many wonderful businesses. As a tourist destination, DL is ripe for additional new businesses that cater to visitors and locals alike. From unique restaurants and retail shops to food trucks, rock climbing gyms, and art galleries, there are so many opportunities to create businesses that give our community character. We can create an environment that supports our current businesses and encourages entrepreneurs to start-up businesses that will make Detroit Lakes even more unique and memorable.

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